Hey Weight Loss Nation…… I’m back!


I’m over this COVID thing! I’ve spent the last 14 months worrying, being scared, living an emotional roller-coaster, and … EATING!

I allowed FEAR and the UNKNOWN to control my life and my actions led me down a path of destruction.

I gained almost ALL the weight I lost. I allowed FEAR to open the door to negative feelings, guilt and emotional eating.

I battled childhood feelings over my father, who died this past March….. and COVID was the straw that broke the camel’s back!

I was despondent, afraid, lost and disgusted with myself.

Then……. I spoke to a friend of mine named FRANK ATKINS.  Frank is a spiritual coach, who deciphers biblical principals, in a language anyone can understand. Frank recently published his book, “Faith Without Religion.” I congratulated Frank, and I told him I would purchase the book and give him a review on Amazon.

When the book came, I looked at the cover and quickly flipped through the over 400 pages of text. I gave  a quick “WOW” and put the book down on my coffee table.

About a week later, I was bored. I was sitting on my recliner in my living room and I saw Frank’s book sitting on the coffee table. I picked up the book and started reading.

I was amazed that I was able to understand the biblical principals Frank was referring to. I was reading, I was understanding and…… I really liked it!

I was learning about the Holy Spirit. Someone, I had originally thought was “something,” and I had no idea what the “function” of the Holy Spirit was. As a person who was raised “Catholic,” I thought the Holy Spirit was a flame of fire that came to the Apostles of Jesus on Pentecost Sunday. I thought that flame of fire was “the Holy Spirit.” I spent the last 58 years of my life believing the Holy Spirit was a “flame of fire,” who came to you and helped you learn a different language.

Then…. reading Frank’s book, I learned that wasn’t the case.

I learned that the Holy Spirit was part of the Holy Trinity. God  …. showing himself in the form of a spirit, that lives inside each one of us, ready to guide us upon the asking.

I realized, God had to be part of decisions in my life. Not just the big decisions, but the little….. EVERYDAY decisions I make. I needed to ASK God to guide me, to fill me with words, strength, love and faith…. to get back on my journey to a “Healthy Lifestyle.”


And just like that, I felt the Holy Spirit inside of me, in my gut…say…. get back on the Weight Loss Nation Podcast. Tell people about the Holy Spirit….. complete the triangle.

That was it! I have learned what to eat… how to move my body for exercise, but I have never filled the void for my mental health. I thought I did! I thought by meditating, listening to music, reading and all the other things I used to calm me and satisfy me would work. They did work…….”TEMPORARILY.”

I was missing “SPIRITUAL” CLARITY.

I was in control of everything in my life. I made all the decisions. I got angry at myself if things didn’t work. I praised myself if things went great. But…… nothing seemed to stick “PERMANANTLY.”

Now…. I’ve found the Holy Spirit.

Now…. I ask the Holy Spirit to guide me. I have given up control and put my “Faith” in the Holy Spirit. I give “thanks” to God for all the good things in my life and for giving me strength during the tough times.

I know God is a loving God. He is a merciful God. He is a God of miracles. He is a healer. God wants to give me favor and he wants me to have all good things in my life on this Earth.

God wants that for each of you too. All you have to do is BELIEVE!

Do you believe in God? Do you believe Jesus Christ was sent to this Earth to die for us, so that each of our souls would be saved?

If you have faith and believe …… you WILL have everything you ever wanted and more from God!

Give God a chance! You have been running your life all this time. Have you been 100% happy with your results? If you would give God a chance and have faith in the Holy Spirit, you will see change! Change for the better!

Just ASK!

Ask God to awaken the Holy Spirit inside of you. Thank God for having mercy on you for all the stupid things you have done in your life. Be remorseful!

Now… have FAITH and ASK the Holy Spirit to GUIDE you on your journey to a “HEALTHY LIFESTYLE.”

EVERY morning, Thank God for another day to do good things. Another day to CONQUER Emotional Eating, so that you can eat to just FUEL your body.

Ask the Holy Spirit to GUIDE you in eating healthy, to move your body for exercise and to PRAY by reading God’s words in the Bible.

I would suggest you read Frank Atkin’s book – “Faith without Religion.” You will understand the scriptures so much better.

Let’s walk with the Holy Spirit and allow him to GUIDE us on our healthy journey. You ALWAYS have the Holy Spirit, Jesus and God to turn to in your life. If you don’t have family you can talk to, a friend you can talk to, or a professional you feel comfortable speaking to …… TALK to GOD!

God will always listen! If you have Faith in God, he will always answer you in some way. God LOVES YOU! God will never turn away from you. If you believe in God and you are sincerely sorry, God will always forgive you. God is WITH you ALWAYS. 24 hrs a day, 365 days a year.

I want you to START your Healthy lifestyle journey right now!

Ask the Holy Spirit to GUIDE you! To give you the STRENGTH to avoid “Temptations,” and the understanding to realize how sugar affects your body.

Take a “Step in Faith.”

Let’s do this One Day at a Time!


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