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Today is Tampa Bay Tuesday! I’m ready to Rate & Review  “CURRY LEAVES” RESTAURANT…which is located at

4843 w. Kennedy Blvd …Tampa, FL  33609

813 – 319- 4015


Mon thru Saturday  11 AM to 2:30 PM & 5.00 PM to 9.30 PM Daily
Sunday : 12:00 Noon to 3:00 PM & 5:00 PM To 9:30 PM



I thought WAZE brought me to the “wrong” location at first, since it was telling me to TURN into the BP Gas Station.

I was heading North on West Shore Blvd and WAZE told me to turn Right (East) onto Kennedy. I turn right and WAZE is telling me “You have arrived at your destination” I’m like……What???? It’s a Gas Station!

I turn into the BP Gas station to get off the street, figuring I’m gonna have to “re-calculate” the directions.

When I pull into the gas station……I see straight ahead…..next to the convenience part of the gas station…..a very small outdoor patio and a sign that reads above……”Curry Leaves.”

I’m like…no friggin way! This is the restaurant! In a gas station! I wasn’t happy to say the least. I parked in an area to the side of the convenience store, marked as  “parking for curry leaves” and walk over to the restaurant.

I literally stood at the front door and put my face against the door to look inside.

Low and behold……I see about 15 tables with white linen tablecloths. I also see about 8 people inside eating.

I open the door and step inside. A woman with a friendly smile, comes right up to me and asks me…. “Are you having dinner? How many?”

I promptly tell her I have a party of 6, and she sits me at a long table by the front window.

I ask the woman her name and she replies…..”Hershey”

I’m like…. “Hershey…. like Hershey chocolate.”  With a smile she responds…..”Yes…just like Hershey chocolate.”

I ask Hershey for a beverage menu so that I could select a drink while waiting for my Podcasting buddies to join me for dinner.

I selected “Marsala” Tea……which immediately reminded me of “Marsala” in the movie “Ben Hur” I LOVE that movie. ….I can hear Marsala right now….saying …….Judahhhhh……Marsallllaaaaa. , A few minutes later, Hershey brought me the tea and I could smell mint. I tasted the Marsala tea….. and it tasted of mint and “Indian” spices like Corriander. I’ll say it was definitely Different.

A few minutes later, my buddies started entering the restaurant.

Tonight…I was dining with good friend Dr. Rachel Haviland – host of Reclaim Your Health Podcast, my buddy Gabe Aluisy – host of Private Club Radio Show, my buddy Joseph Warren –  host of “First 100k for Entrepreneurs” podcast, my buddy Jason Strohl – co-owner of Co-Creativ Virtual office and Business Lounge office space in South Tampa and Downtown Tampa. I also dined with my friend… the beautiful Ana Aluisy…Marriage & Family Therapist at “Come Get Help,” in Tampa, FL.

Come Get Help

Also dining with me is one of my newest friends…..University of Tampa graduate…..Juhi Kore.  Juhi is a 20 y.o. brilliant young woman from Bombay, India……who LOVES Tampa! Jew He majored in business and Political Science and is truly a GIFT to the planet. Besides her intelligence, I love her non-judgemental attitude as well as her…..no-nonsense attitude too! She Reminds me of myself when I was 20 y.o. and I thought I was going to save the world.


Our waiter ……”Harish” came over to take our orders and I asked Harish if the owner of the restaurant was available this evening. Harish told us that Saji was the owner and he would bring him right over.

In less than 2 minutes, a handsome, man came over and introduced himself as Saji Matthew….owner of Curry Leaves Restaurant.

How Polite!!! I proceed to introduce myself to Saji and advise him that I will be rating and reviewing “Curry Leaves” restaurant on the Weight Loss Nation podcast.

Saji had a very big smile across his face and nodding his head said …..”that is wonderful.” First question to Saji was…….”What made you decide to open Curry Leaves in a Gas Station?”

Without any hesitation…..Saji promptly said……..I own the gas station and I always wanted to have a restaurant here. I opened a pizza place with another owner……and it didn’t do so well. We parted ways….and I decided to go back to my Indian roots and I wanted to open an Authentic Indian Restaurant, so the people of Tampa could experience and enjoy authentic Indian food.

The restaurant is doing well and I have a large amount of “regular” customers now.

The restaurant has been open for over a year now and has been doing quite well.

When asked what item on the menu he would recommend to a “1st timer” at the restaurant, who wasn’t familiar with Indian food, Saji said……I would suggest the “Chicken Varutharacchathu” I had no idea what Saji said to me.

I had to ask him to point the item out on the menu for me, which he did.

To me…..he was saying…..”Vera cha cha” I know that’s not how you pronounce it…but…that’s what I’m calling it.

“Vera Cha Cha”  is chicken cooked in a coconut gravy. Sounded delicious. Saji said he would bring out a bowl for the table to try.

Awesome…right?  As a group we ordered different items, so that each of us could try different things on the menu.

Here are the items we ordered……”Butter Chicken” which is Chicken in a “mild” curry sauce…

a dish called…..”HariYali Chicken” Another tough name. I decided to call that dish…..Rivera ….Harera….easier for me to remember…thinking of Heraldo Rivera.  Rivera Harera is chicken in a “green” herb sauce, which comes on a hot skillet.

We also ordered “Chicken Tikka” which is Chicken marinated in special spices then grilled on skewers.

We also ordered…..”Lamb Vindaloo” which was lamb cooked in a “tangy” tomato and red chili sauce.

And finally, we ordered….Chicken Tikki “Marsala” which is Boneless Chicken cooked in a mild tomato and cream sauce.

There are MANY Healthy items on the Curry Leaves menu.

They even have a nice “Vegetarian” selection.

From Mulligatawny Soup…..which I called “Mulligan’s Soup” for ease of ordering. Mulligans Soup is Lentil Soup with a splash of coconut milk.

Absolutely delicious by the way!

They also have a Fresh Garden Salads with a blend of Olive Oil and Lemon Juice.


As far as the meals we ordered……the healthiest to me was the “Rivera Herera” Chicken.

Delicious combination of herbs & spices on the white chicken meat with lots of sautéed vegetables. Very Good meal!

Now….. all the meals come with Basmati Rice. You put some of the rice on your plate and then spoon out your meal out of the “Tandoor Bowl” and onto the rice.

I personally do not eat white rice, so I ate my meal as it was. Delicious as far as I was concerned.

Saji also brought different “Naan” bread to the table, where you can “dip” the Naan bread into the bowls. Again……I don’t eat “white” bread….so I didn’t eat the Naan bread. Everyone else Loved the NAAN Bread. Kudo’s on the flavorful bread Saji!

I tasted a spoonful of each meal that was put on the table, and my favorites were:

  1. Saji’s recommendation “Vera Cha Cha”
  2. The “Rivera Herera” Chicken

Finally….The Chicken Tikki….which had fantastic flavor!


After dinner…….Saji brought dessert out to the table.

One dessert was called “Gulab Jamun,” which is Milk solids in a honey syrup.

Saji also brought out “Mango Kulfi” and “Pistachio Kulfi” which is ice cream in the shape of a square…..that was as HARD as a rock!

I tried a very small bite of the Mango & Pistachio Kulfi….which was quite good!

Saji said they make the Kulfi fresh daily.

I didn’t try the “Gulab Jamun.” Everyone else said it was pretty good.

Overall…..the food was DELICIOUS!

The prices are incredible, with the most expensive dish on the menu, coming in at $19.99, which was a “Mixed Grill” A combination of chicken, lamb and shrimp.

Most of the meals are around $12.99 with portion size very satisfying.

Saji Matthew……..I am giving you and your Curry Leaves Restaurant a HUGE

“ 2 WLN Thumbs Up”

Your food is Delicious, portioned right and the price is perfect! Your staff are polite, patient and always SMILING!


4843 w. Kennedy Blvd …Tampa, FL  33609

813 – 319- 4015


Mon thru Saturday  11 AM to 2:30 PM They Close down for a few hours & then Re-Open the doors at 5.00 PM to 9.30 PM Daily

Sunday : 12:00 Noon to 3:00 PM & 5:00 PM To 9:30 PM

Check out Curry Leaves website at –


Saji Matthew has a “Sister” Indian Restaurant called “Bay Leaves” which is located at 4023 W Waters Ave in Tampa.

“Bay Leaves” Restaurant has a Liquor License if you wanted to have a beer or wine with your dinner.

Bay Leaves Restaurant

Curry Leaves does not serve alcohol, which I thought was great!

You have done a fabulous job of presenting Delicious, Authentic Indian Food to the People of Tampa Bay …… Saji Matthew.

I will be back!  Thank you for your hospitality and your Delicious Indian Food.

So…Definitely check out “Curry Leaves” or “Bay Leaves” for Authentic, Delicious and HEALTHY  Indian Food. I really enjoyed the entire experience.


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Thank you for listening to Today’s episode….and until next time…..have a very Happy, Peaceful and Healthy Week!