Weight Loss Nation Pink Gulf Shrimp is DELICIOUS! 7/20/18
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Hey Weight Loss Nation!

Today, I have another restaurant review from my visit to the Florida Keys.

If you LIVE in the Florida Keys or you are on Vacation in the Florida Keys, I have a great restaurant for you to visit.

I visited the FL Keys Steak & Lobster House, which is located at 3660 Overseas Hwy, Marathon, FL 33050

Here’s the link to their website  www.FlKeysSteakAndLobster.com

The Florida Keys are a string of tropical islands……and they  stretch about 120 miles off the southern tip of Florida, between the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico.

There are literally over a THOUSAND islands in the Keys.

This was my 1st visit to the Keys, so…… I am NOT an authority by any means, on the Florida Keys!

What I am good at……is finding you Restaurants with Healthy Options during YOUR trip to the Keys!

Thankfully…….The “Keys” are divided up into 3 Major Sections:

The “Upper Keys”

The “Middle Keys”……. And …….The “Lower Keys”

To give you a perspective……..Key Largo is located in the “Upper Keys,” which is the Northern part of The Keys, and is located South of Miami.

Key West is located in the “Lower Keys”…….the Southern most part of the Keys.

Today, I am going to tell you about a fantastic restaurant on the island of “Marathon,” which is located in the “middle keys.”

I mentioned to you last week…..that I was visiting My Friends……. Christy Haussler & Allison Millwood, owners of “Team Podcast.”  Team Podcast offers “Full Service podcast production, which includes…..podcast editing , show notes, and social media marketing distribution. If you need help with podcast production…..don’t hesitate to contact Team Podcast at www.teampodcast.com

Christy & Allison know I’m LIVING a Healthy Lifestyle, so they took me to….. the “FL Keys Steak & Lobster House,” which is located at 3660 Overseas Hwy, Marathon, FL 33050.

Again……Marathon is located in the “Middle Keys”

The atmosphere inside the restaurant is cozy & clean,  with fresh, white linen tablecloths & scenes of stained glass fish on the walls.

I love that the tables are not squished up against each other too!

I had plenty of room to eat and I was able to have a conversation with my guests…..without SCREAMING!

I HATE sitting at a table in a restaurant & I can’t even have a conversation with my guests without screaming at the top of my lungs!

Nice atmosphere at FL Keys Steak & Lobster House!

Our WAITER was named Jason, and Jason was an excellent waiter. The kind of waiter, when you tell him ONCE what you are drinking and he comes back with another glass at exactly the right time!

Jason was also great at recommending items from the menu based on my “LIVING a Healthy Lifestyle” criteria.

Thank you Jason for obviously liking your job and taking care of me and my guests that night!

Now…..let’s take a look at the menu


They have a full-line list of adult beverages with beer, wine and specialty drinks.

I found the Gluten-Free “Redbridge Beer” interesting, and they have non-alcoholic O’Douls Beer as well.

They serve unsweetened ice tea as well as bottled & sparkling water.

The appetizers are abundant and tempting. You have to ALWAYS remember you are eating healthy, which means eating REAL Food……the Weight Loss Nation motto is….

“If it grows out of the ground, hangs from a tree, roams the Earth, flies in the sky or swims in the ocean…..EAT it™”

Don’t think hard about this and definitely don’t try and manipulate what the motto means.

The motto does NOT mean eating Fried Food. Shrimp that has a bread batter and then deep fried in vegetable oil….is NOT…..Healthy Eating or Eating Real Food.

Healthy Eating an option from the menu like this  …….Chunks of fresh lobster marinated with lemon juice, oranges, cilantro, onions and cucumber…..This Healthy Eating option is called Lobster Ceviche.

For $15.95, you get FRESH and I mean FRESH…. Lobster with healthy fruits and veggies, that come together beautifully!

Also on the Appetizer list…… is my NEW FAVORITE SHRIMP!

Which is PINK, Wild Caught Gulf Shrimp Cocktail!   For $15.95, you’ll get FOUR HUGE….SWEET….      Pink Gulf Shrimp, with a side of cocktail sauce. The Shrimp is soo sweet…..all you really need is a squeeze of lemon on each shrimp….Delicious!

There is an absolute Delicious list of healthy salads you could choose from. I would suggest since you’re in the Florida Keys, where fresh fish and shellfish are brought to the FL Keys Steak & Lobster House Daily, that you try not to EAT a SALAD….although delicious….for your main meal!

Listen to some of these AWESOME Entrees!

First …… All of the seafood is bought fresh DAILY to the Fl Keys Steak & Lobster House Restaurant and prepared to order.

All dinners are served with your choice of two sides.

You can get the fresh vegetable of the day and a small house salad as your sides.

AND…..Unlimited soup and salad bar can be added to any entrée for just $6.95

The first Delicious Healthy Menu Option is…..

The Broiled Seafood Platter on the menu for $32.95

You get…..Fresh Mahi…shrimp….scallops and….. a crab cake broiled to perfection!

I was very tempted to get this entrée….and next time I visit….I will get it…..but I saw Coconut-Macadamian Nut Crusted Snapper on the menu and I flipped!

The Coconut Macadamian Crusted Snapper is Pan Fried in olive oil, and a Mango Sauce and then topped with Red Peppers in a butter sauce onto your plate!

No hesitation for me…..That’s what I ordered!

When I go somewhere that has fresh fish and can properly cook and prepare fish…..I order it!

The Snapper filet was white, flaky and the blend of coconut macadamian nut with mango sauce was BEAUTIFUL!

The Snapper also comes with 2 sides, which I ordered the grilled vegetables and a small house salad. The Snapper Entree costs $32.95, but I’ll tell you what…….It was the BEST DAMN Snapper I have EVER had!

There are other fantastic seafood entrees on the menu too!

IF you feel like steak, chops or ribs…..they have wonderful entrees on the menu for you too. They pretty much cater to everyone at FL Keys Steak & Lobster Restaurant.

They even have a kid’s menu!

They also have Free Raised Veal & Poultry entrees and they have Vegetarian entrees too!

They have a  Spicy Grilled Tofu Salad for $16.95

Which is Served with mixed greens, walnuts & raisins covered with a spicy dressing.

The Healthy options on this menu is ABUNDANT Nation!

Review of FL Keys Steak & Lobster House

For Great Ambiance, Great Service by the wait staff     GREAT Food…..FL KEYS STEAK & LOBSTER RESTAURANT gets………

a HUGE 3 WLN Avocado’s!

That’s right….Great ambiance, wait staff…..AND food!

Well done FL Keys Steak & Lobster Restaurant!


The Restaurant is open 7 Days a Week

from 11:30am till 10:00pm.

The Phone Number is (305) 743-5516

Check out their website which is


Thank you to Owner…..Maria Ely…….for putting forth such a passionate love for FOOD & the RESIDENTS of the FLORIDA KEYS! If you are visiting the Florida KEYS…..you will be PISSED….if you don’t visit FL Keys Steak & Lobster House Restaurant

So…..don’t miss out on this RESTAURANT! One of MY Absolute Favorite Restaurants in FLORIDA!


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