Jim Jensen is an Adaptive Fitness Trainer. If someone has special challenges with exercising, they may need an adaptive fitness trainer. He works a little more closely with the medical professionals than the typical fitness trainer.


An adaptive fitness trainer takes special course work to receive their certification, and Jim actually went on to get a degree in Adaptive Fitness.


  • Whether adaptive training is covered by insurance
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine is one of the certification bodies for adaptive training (www.nasm.org)
  • Other than workman’s comp, mainstream insurance doesn’t cover adaptive training
  • How Jim keeps cost for his clients down so they can afford his service
  • The special equipment the Jim uses in his adaptive training
  • Ways Jim provides resistance for exercises to mimic natural movements
  • Jim shares some resistance exercises
  • Why Jim loves avocados
  • Jim’s 10 minute cardio workout
  • How often you need to do cardio vascular exercise
  • Keep your eye on the goal of good health






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Resources Mentioned:


Predator Bands – provides as much resistance as weights and machine

Listen to Jim’s Podcast – The Essential Boomer



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