Weight Loss Nation Tampa Bay Tuesdays in Orlando at Coopers Hawk Winery Restaurant 2/13/18
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While at Podfest Multimedia Expo, I had the opportunity to spend time with friends and fellow podcasters for dinner each night.

Friday night, the gang selected Cooper’s Hawk Winery Restaurant…..which is located at 8008 International Drive, Orlando.

When we walked in ……the place was buzzing!

The décor was pleasant to the eye and the wine tasting bar immediately caught my attention.

The Maître De was polite and very considerate of our large group.

All 12 of us were invited to the wine tasting bar while we had a short wait for our table.

Being February …..and close to Valentine’s Day….the group unanimously chose “Romance Red” wine for our tasting.

I am NOT a wine connoisseur by any means. I like to occasionally drink wine and I like the Resveratrol in wine.

To me, the Romance Red wine was “pleasant.” It has a maraschino cherry and spice taste to it. I think the Romance Red would have been best suited for a dessert wine, but hey…….what does a group of podcasters know about wine?

Cooper’s Hawk Winery is the 31st largest wine producer in the United States, producing over 5 million bottles a year from its winery in Countryside, Ill.

The winery has won hundreds of awards, including a pinot noir with a 99 point rating in the Cooper’s Hawk premium Lux Line, won in a prestigious California competition.

Grapes used for their wines are primarily flown in from California, Oregon and the State of Washington. Some grapes are also flown in from overseas

The wine menu has many selections to choose from, which should please any wine drinker.

They also have beer, craft beer, cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks.

Again….I am not a wine connoisseur…..I felt like having Chardonnay….and there were several selections on the menu:

They had an “unoaked chardonnay” a regular chardonnay and a chardonnay from Cooper’s Hawk Lux premium line.

The price per glass ranged from $7.50  to $10.50 a glass for the Lux Line Chardonnay.

I chose the regular Chardonnay.

The wine had a pleasant aroma of apples and pears…..and the taste was creamy and balanced….with a medium body and balanced acidity. Good choice!

The Food menu has a variety of items that should make anyone visiting the restaurant happy.

They have appetizers, soups, salads, burgers, sandwiches, chicken, beef, pork, seafood and pasta selections.

The thing that really caught my eye…..was the “Life Balance” section of the menu.

Each meal on the Life Balance menu is under 600 calories and is designed to accommodate people who are being “mindful” about portion sizes as well as healthy ingredients. The portions are carefully measured to ensure the accuracy of the listed calorie count.

With a nice selection to choose from, including vegetarian selections, I chose the Grilled Atlantic Salmon.

I don’t cook fish at home. I don’t LOVE fish. I “like fish” I usually eat fish out at restaurants I believe will have fresh fish as well as prepare the fish exceptionally well.

The salmon filet was served over sautéed spinach, with San Marzano Tomato Sauce. 3 slices of Yukon Gold potatoes also comes on the plate, but I don’t eat white potatoes anymore. I gave the potatoes to one of my buddies.

The salmon was “flaky” Good start. The taste was pleasant and NOT fishy at all. So…..I enjoyed the salmon. I LOVE spinach, so that was delicious.

Our server was great and I really LOVED that Cooper’s Hawk had the “Life Balance” Menu.

The main restaurant is loud and crowded….as would be expected on a Friday evening. We sat on the outside patio, where 70 degrees in Orlando, Fl…..fresh air, good friends and good food is as good as it gets.

I want to thank Cara Mahler, general manager of Cooper’s Hawk International Drive…..as well as her outstanding staff, who assisted us that Friday evening.

Cooper’s Hawk Winery Restaurant in Orlando is open 11:00am to 9:30pm Mon – Thur and Is open until 10:30pm on Friday & Saturdays. Sundays they serve until 9:00pm

I give Cooper’s Hawk Winery Restaurant a Weight Loss Nation 2 Thumbs up…..and I look forward to visiting the Tampa location this summer.

If you’re looking for an “upscale” casual restaurant, with a full wine selection…..that is very good…..then try Cooper’s Hawk Winery Restaurant in your State.

Go to https://chwinery.com/locations

For locations, food menu and the fabulous wine menu.


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