Weight Loss Nation Organic, Fresh Meal Review 3/23/18
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It’s Friday….and it is a Concoction Friday!

On our last episode, (S3 Episode 13) I told you about the Diamond in the rough I found on Davis Island in Tampa, FL, called…..

Tasty Roots!

A grab n’ go cafe, that offers organic, non-GMO, fresh pre-made meals daily.

I bought three different meals and after eating them, I’m ready to review them!

The first meal I ate, was a nut-crusted eggplant with quinoa dish.

The eggplant was coated with a nut-based crust and also had a serving of quinoa.

I never had eggplant with a “nut crust.” Very different then I’ve ever had. I’m used to having eggplant coated with “breadcrumbs.” After my mom or grandmother would dip the eggplant in egg wash, the eggplant would then be dipped in bread crumbs and then “fried” in a pan.

Or……after the eggplant was fried, they were layered in a pan with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese…for eggplant parmesan!

The meal was good! Certainly very, very healthy! I’m just not used to having eggplant with a nut-based coating.

So….for that reason only, I’m giving the eggplant & quinoa meal ……. 1 1/2 thumbs up!

Second meal I tried…..was the beef bone broth.

I didn’t know what to do with the bone broth…..so I added lots of veggies and grilled chicken and ate it like soup.

Overall, the broth is pretty “bland.” Adding the veggies and chicken, it definitely added flavor.

I love the fact the beef bone broth comes from grass-fed cows, with no hormones or antibiotics. Just organic, non-GMO beef bone broth.

For good health…..the broth gets a big 2+++ thumbs up!

For taste…..the broth is pretty bland….I have to give it a 1  weight loss nation thumb’s up!

Finally, I had the Turkey with mashed sweet potatoes and green beans.

I never have Turkey! I usually only have it on Thanksgiving or if someone else roasts a Turkey. So..for me….this was a treat!

The Turkey is all white meat, organic, non-gmo, free range turkeys. The sweet potato and green beans are organic and non-gmo.

The overall taste was great! Garlic with salt & pepper on the turkey. Cinnamon and coconut milk on the mashed sweet potatoes and salt n pepper on the green beans. Delish!

I give this meal a big 2 weight Loss Nation thumbs up!

Tasty Roots is located at 215 E Davis Blvd. on Davis Island in Tampa, FL.

You can call and check daily specials by calling 813-613-3322.

Or….check the Tasty Roots website


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