Weight Loss Nation Italian Cooking With Southern Charm Makes This Restaurant Shine 7/03/18
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Noble Crust Restaurant Review

 Hey Weight Loss Nation!

 Weight Loss Nation

It’s Tuesday, and it’s a Tampa Bay Tuesday, and that means I have a Tampa Bay Area Restaurant Review for you!

If you live in the Tampa Bay area……or…..you’re visiting Tampa Bay, you’ll want to check out this unique restaurant during your stay.

 Today…..I’m reviewing Noble Crust Restaurant, which has …… 3 locations.

You can dine in St. Petersburg and in 2 Tampa locations ……….one is in the Carrollwood neighborhood, which is in the Northern part of Tampa, and the 2nd one is in Wesley Chapel, which is in the North – Eastern part of Tampa.

 For today’s episode……I visited the Carrollwood location.

The restaurant is located at 11618 N. Dale Mabry Hwy – Tampa, FL 33618.

That’s between Hudson Lane & Colby Rd on the West side of N. Dale Mabry Hwy.

There’s a real nice outdoor patio, and the “Noble Crust” sign is tactful & visible.

Inside…..Noble Crust is nicely decorated. You’ll immediately feel clean, crisp and trendy!

I walked over & spoke to the Host,  “Jacob” who had a great smile.  Jacob had my reservation ready and immediately took me over to an assigned table.

Once seated, you’ll start looking around the restaurant. You’ll feel like you’re  in an upscale Italian Restaurant with a splash of Southern Charm!

In less than a minute, My Server…..whose name was Allison, came over and gave me a Friendly, bright smile. Allison brought over some water with lemon and then …… recited the “specials of the day” like an actress.

Allison recommended the “melon bruschetta,” which was made up of watermelon, Cantaloupe and Honeydew….all 3 melons straight from the Noble Crust’s private garden!

The melon is served with whipped feta cheese, basil and a balsamic vinaigrette!

Sounded Delicious! I ordered it.

When Allison placed the plate in front of me, the aroma of the fresh basil & melon, filled my nose….and with that….my mouth was watering!

I immediately removed the beautiful melon & feta from the toasted bread & put it on my plate.

No need for empty calories! I don’t need the white bread….you don’t either. You just take everything off the bread and eat it with a fork!

The melon was fresh, sweet & juicy! The feta brought a tangy twist to the fruit and the basil & vinaigrette capped it all off beautifully! It was really good!

For my dinner……I ordered the Double cut Pork Chop with fresh grilled Asparagus….which again…..comes …..from the garden!

The pork chop was tender & cooked perfectly! Chef Ramsey would be proud! The pork chop was Topped with a garlic herb butter and a tad of a cherry demi sauce underneath.  You know how good Pork Chops & Apple sauce is….right? Well, the cherry demi sauce was good too.

I am NOT an Asparagus person. I don’t like that it makes your pee smell.

You know what I mean!


I RARELY eat asparagus….. but when I heard it came straight out of their private garden THAT DAY….. I had to try it. I’m glad I did!

The grilled asparagus was tender, Fresh & quite tasty! Not bitter at all.

Noble Crust is  a FUSION  of Italian cooking with some Southern Soul.


With menu items like …….Fried Green Tomatoes….cooked in olive oil mind you….. served with Lime Yogurt…or….Gulf Shrimp with Cheese Grits, you know you’re in the South and Noble Crust has a “relaxed” ambiance inside the restaurant.

Nobody is rushing you to get out.

Eat and enjoy your food! That’s what Southerners and the Europeans Do!

There is also Bronzed Salmon with seasonal vegetables as well as a  Farm Fresh House Salad…..filled with Fresh Greens, tomatoes, cucumber, radishes, croutons and whipped feta. Tell your waiter or waitress to skip the croutons & you’ll be all set. FRESH veggies from their PRIVATE garden!

For pizza lovers….Noble Crust has a “Gluten Free” Crust.

I would highly suggest the “Margarita,” which has FRESH tomato sauce, FRESH mozzarella & FRESH parmesan cheese, with FRESH basil and olive oil. That’s how you want your PIZZA! Healthy with FRESH ingredients.

The Garden Fresh Vegetables and Herbs will make you say “Hmmmmmm” several times throughout your dinner.

The manager walked throughout the dining room checking on patrons.

Nice touch!

With seasonal, fresh ingredients and Southern Charm, Noble Crust is a breath of fresh air for Tampa.

Time to Rate Noble Crust!

I wanted to change the rating system…… “thumbs up” is ok….. but I wanted to make the rating a more “FLORIDA” friendly.

So…….starting today…..a Restaurant can receive up to “3” AVOCADOS!

Florida was the first state to cultivate Avocados in 1883, and Avocados are sooooo healthy for you….it’s only right that I give the Avocado some props.


1. Avocado means the Restaurant was “Ehhh”…..so it was “Fair.”

2 Avocados means the restaurant was “Good” just not Awesome. It was missing the mark on the service provided or the atmosphere….  and finally…..

“3.”  Avocados means you are going to have a “GREAT” Restaurant Experience. You’ll have Great Food with Healthy options, Great Service and a Great Atmosphere. In other words…..Go THERE!


Noble Crust gets a BIG Weight Loss Nation “3 Avocados!”


The melon Bruschetta AND my Pork Chop & Asparagus dinner was FANTASTIC!

Allison was an excellent server, who made sure I was enjoying my food and my time at Noble Crust.

The Ambiance was great! Lower lighting with comfortable seating and I you’ll be able to carry on a conversation with your guests, makes Noble Crust a great option for your dining pleasure.

With 3 locations, you shouldn’t be more than 30 minutes away!

  1. St. Petersburg, 8300 4th Street N., St. Petersburg, FL  33702
  2. Tampa – Wesley Chapel, 28330 Paseo Drive, Tampa, FL   33543
  3. Tampa – Carrollwood*, 11618 N Dale Mabry Hwy, Tampa, FL  33618

       Restaurant Reviewed*


Restaurant Hours

Monday       Closed

Tues – Thur   4:00pm – 11:00pm

Friday             4:00pm – Midnight

Saturday        10:30am – Midnight

Sunday           10:30am – 10:00pm


Noble Crust’s private garden……which is called “Fat Beet Farm,” is scheduled to be open to the public by the end of 2018.

I’m looking forward to that! You know I’ll be there to Rate & Review it for you Nation!


So there’s my Tampa Bay Tuesday Restaurant Review.


I hope you enjoyed it!  ARE YOU interested in learning more about WLN? Then ….

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I would love to have you join me on my Long-Term Healthy Lifestyle Journey!

Till next time Nation…..I want everyone to have a Happy, peaceful & Healthy WEEK!