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I’m going to be talking about “pooping” and detoxing your intestine today.

It’s very important to “poop.” Your body excretes excess waste, toxins, fats and bacteria from your body.

I asked my Doctor how often should I be “pooping.” She told me everybody poops differently. My doctor also told me the average cycle of “pooping” is from 3 times a day down to once every 3 days.

“Pooping” improves your digestive health. Today and next week we are going to be talking…. a lot….about “Poop.”

I’ve always had problems “pooping.” I suffered all my life with constipation. I use to EAT a lot of processed foods…..fatty foods…..and I EAT a “large amount” of food. These are some ways that cause constipation. Being Pre-Diabetic or having Diabetes can also cause Constipation.

Since I started living a long-term healthy lifestyle TWO years ago…..I improved my “constipation” problem.

NOW…. I wanted to improve the frequency of my “pooping.”

Improve YOUR Frequency of Pooping!

I “fit” into the “normal” range of “pooping” my Doctor told me about,  but I wasn’t happy being near the end of that range.

I started looking into “pooping” and how I could improve the frequency of my “pooping.”

I wasn’t looking for a “fast” or “quick” way to fix my “pooping” problem. The “fast” way to do things never works. Just like a “diet” doesn’t work…..either does a “quick fix” for pooping.

I needed to look into another “lifestyle” change.

So…..I started researching “pooping” and how I could increase the frequency of pooping naturally.

Mother Nature is awesome!

She doesn’t make any mistakes Nation!

There are plants, trees, herbs, fruits and vegetables for all kinds of ailments.

I read about all kinds of “Colon Detoxing.” There are sooo many “quick fixes” out there Nation!

I wanted an “everyday……natural cleansing, natural detoxification, bringing my body into a balanced state.”

I wanted to assist my intestine with it’s natural functions.

Some of the natural functions of your intestine are:

  • Digestion of the food we eat.
  • Transferring nutrients from food into the cells of your body.
  • Processing the waste from food and eliminating it from the body.
  • Serving as a home for the “good bacteria” that provide a number of essential functions, including aiding in digestion and supporting the immune system.

After researching and trying several kinds of “cleanses” and “detox” products…..I am happy to say I finally found a product, which has helped me. This product is a TEA

This TEA has helped MY Intestine with it’s Natural Functions.

The TEA comes in two varieties…..

1. The first variety is A Regular “Tea-Bag” just like other tea bags you’re use to seeing in your supermarket

2. And the 2nd variety comes as an “instant” TEA, that you mix in 8 oz of water.

For the last 6 Months……that’s what I said….6 months…I have used this TEA to see how it would effect MY “Pooping” and my intestinal health.

I am VERY happy to report….I am “Pooping” EVERYDAY!

Improve Your Frequency of Pooping!

I am finally on the opposite side of the “Pooping” cycle that my doctor told me about.

I also lost 5 pounds in 5 days this week, after I ate different kinds of “processed” foods for my Birthday this past week, By just having TWO cups of TEA a day for FIVE days.

On other days when I have something to eat that isn’t REAL FOOD…..like my “Beanitos” Black Bean Chips… or…. my “Jackson’s Honest”….Lime with Sea Salt Tortilla Chips in Coconut Oil….. I drink TWO cups of TEA that day. I don’t feel Bloated, I don’t feel tired, I don’t have cramps.


One of the main reasons I LOVE this TEA, is because of the NATURAL & beneficial Ingredients this TEA has.

I prefer the Instant Tea, since I’m always on the go and need to have easy, quick meals and drinks every day.

I Love the TEA Bags too…..I make a batch of TEA with the TEA Bag every once in a while, I just prefer the convenience of the instant tea since I’m on the go alot.

Here are the ingredients in the Instant TEA:

1. Dextrin – Dextrin is a soluable Fiber that comes from corn starch. It is a pre-biotic fiber with excellent digestive tolerance. It has a low viscosity (which means it mixes well with other ingredients and it doesn’t get thick)

The Dextrin Dissolves in water easily.

Studies have shown that the soluble fiber dextrin can promote the sensation of feeling full when added to beverages.

I can ATTEST to that! I do feel more satisfied after drinking the instant TEA, which means I do eat less!

2. Cassia Angustifolia Extract

is also known as Senna, Cassia Senna. Cassia Angustifolia is a “natural laxative” which is known to increase the amount of mucus in the intestines.

Cassia Angustifolia increases intestinal movement as well as colon secretion, all of which increases the ease of “pooping” NATION!

Start Pooping More Frequently!

3. Carica Papaya Extract –

Papaya contains two important enzymes –

a. Chymopapain  and

b. Papain

These two enzymes are known for treating gastrointestinal disorders.

An article in the “2013 Neuro Endocrinology Letters,” notes a preparation made with Papaya extract, demonstrated results for some patients symptoms of constipation, bloating and IBS (which is Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and the Papaya contributed to a healthy digestive tract.

Carica Papaya Extract demonstrated great results as an anti-inflammatory agent with anti-oxidant wound healing properties and immune-modulatory effects.

4. Matricaria Chamomilla

also known as German Chamomile has been used for “sluggish” digestion, diarrhea, inflammation of the urinary tract and menstral pain.

Raspberries are known to help big time for menstrual cramps ladies! After this episode, go listen to Season 2 episode #39 – Eliminate Menstrual Cramps and Hot Flashes with Raspberries, to get all the information on help with Menstrual cramps.

Matricaria Chamomilla has been used as herbal medicine to treat stomach pain, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and as a gentle sleep aid.

I have been drinking this TEA for six months, and I have seen a HUGE improvement in my digestive health.

I “Poop” almost EVERYDAY now and I haven’t had a cold or have been sick in over a year.

If this TEA resonates with YOU, I would love for you to try it and see if you have great results with “Pooping” and increasing YOUR Digestive Health.

Want to try it?

Go to my website…..


Under Products, “click” on Health and Wellness.

You’ll see the Laso Tea Bag – 5 Pack….. and when you Scroll down, you’ll see the Laso “Instant Tea” (60 Count) box.

Order the Tea Bag or Instant Tea and let me know if it helped YOU with YOUR “Pooping” and YOUR Digestive Health.

If you follow the directions and drink TWO cups of the Instant TEA a Day for “5 consecutive days”…….You should lose up to 5 pounds….just by drinking the damn TEA NATION!

Order TEA here!

I’m always honest with you Nation…and I want you to know that I am now an “Affiliate” and I will earn a commission when you purchase the TEA.

Listen….When you try the TEA and Lose 5 pounds in 5 days and if YOU want to learn how to become an “Affiliate” to make a commission when YOU purchase your own TEA……or someone else buys the TEA…..

Become an Affiliate Here!

send me an email to Support@TheWeightLossNation.com

and I’ll tell you how!

If you just LOVE the TEA and want to buy the TEA to help you POOP Better and improve your Digestive Health…..

GREAT! Just Buy the TEA!

Buy the TEA here!

If you have been living with constipation, abdominal cramps, bloating, menstral cramps or symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome……I highly suggest you try this TEA.

Next Week…..I’m going to be talking about the COLOR of your POOP and what that means!

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