Weight Loss Nation Get Fresh, Clean & Organic Produce at Your Local Co-Op 6/12/18
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Hey Weight Loss Nation!

It’s Tuesday, and it’s a Tampa Bay Tuesday!

I found an awesome “Co-Op” in Lutz, Florida, called “Cheyenne’s Country Thangs.”

Lisa & Darrel Hunt own & operate “Cheyenne’s Country Thangs.”

Lisa has been gardening since she was a little girl.

“My knowledge of gardening was handed down by my Native American grandfather. The Indians knowledge of using natural resources was all about keeping God’s planet producing at its optimal performance.” –  Lisa Hunt, Owner, Cheyenne’s CountryThangs


What’s a “Co-Op?”

A Co-Op means business and residents “working together,” in cooperation.

Many Co-ops look just like other businesses from the outside, since their products and services are like traditional businesses. It’s what’s going on inside the Co-Op and behind the scenes of a Co-Op that is VERY different.

Cheyenne’s Country Thangs offers fresh, clean and organic produce to its members and the public.

Lisa Hunt has relationships with farmers across the United States, to bring the freshest, healthiest products to “Cheyenne’s Country Thangs.”

Cheyenne’s also has “grass fed” meats as well as “wild caught” fish.

If a product is not “stamped” organic at Cheyenne’s Country Thangs, it’s clean!

Clean means, the product was grown and harvested the same way “organic” products are, but the farmer didn’t “purchase” the “organic seal” from the USDA.

In order to be certified organic, you must make sure that your product is carrying the certified USDA Organic Seal.

Costs associated with applying for the “organic seal” vary, depending on the products and size of the farm.

Initial applications can cost thousands of dollars.

There can be other costs beyond the actual organic application. For example, during the certification process, there may be fees for inspections, assessments, and travel costs for a National Organic Program (NOP) agent. In addition, there are ongoing annual renewal fees for as long as a farm holds certification.

Many farms have loyal residents, who purchase produce and meats from the farm, which are not certified organic, but are “clean.”  Consumers come to know and trust their local farmers and realize the cost of applying for a “certified organic” license can be very expensive for farmers.

As I walked throughout Cheyenne’s, I found a great diversity of organic and clean produce.

String Beans, cucumbers, beets, onions, potatoes apples, pears and my absolute favorite…….tomatoes!

There was freshly baked bread, raw honey, jellies, jams and organic body products!

I saw grass-fed beef and wild caught salmon in the freezer.

A huge variety of fresh, clean and organic food to satisfy any palate.

Then…….there is the “buffet.”

Buffet in the sense of ……. having a fine assortment of fresh salads, sandwiches, and soups ……. made from the fresh, clean and organic foods at Cheyenne’s.

Grass-fed Turkey salad, a Cajun shrimp wrap, and seafood chowder were menu items I considered for lunch.

I ordered the grass-fed turkey salad. I received a HUGE bed of greens, with sliced avocado, beets, onions, cucumber, melon and fresh, grass-fed turkey!

What a feast!

With olive oil and vinegar to coat the beautiful salad, I had a delicious, nutritious lunch!

Delicious! What a difference fresh ingredients make!

If you are looking for fresh, clean and organic produce and products, you have to check out Cheyenne’s Country Thangs!

You can even become a member of the Co-op and save on products and classes!

If you live in the Lutz, Florida area, you have to check out Cheyennes Country Thangs


Here’s the contact info:

Cheyenne’s Country Thangs,

21405 Country Line Road,

Lutz, Florida   33548

(813) 527 – 6471


Hours of operation:

Tuesday to Friday  11:00am – 5:30pm

Saturday                 9:30am – 4:00pm

Closed Sunday & Monday’s

Email – CheyennesWorld@Verizon.net