We ALL drink water everyday.  How much do you drink in a day?

Did you know YOUR Body is made up of about 60% water?

Your body uses water in ALL of it’s cells, tissues and organs…..to regulate body temperature…..and to maintain other body functions.

Your body loses water everyday when you sweat, through digestion….and…..BREATHING!

You REHYDRATE by drinking fluids and eating food with water in it.

How much water you need depends on a lot of things.

Do you live near Fairbanks, Alaska….where the average temperature RARELY gets over 75 degrees?

Then….you’re not sweating that much.

Or….do you live near…… New Orleans?….which is the most HUMID city in the U.S……bet you thought is was Florida! I did.

if so…..you’re sweating pretty much all the time and you NEED to rehydrate often.

How active are you?

Are you a couch potato? If so…… you’re probably not going to get dehydrated.  But…..if you exercise or do physical activity for 30 minutes or more……you NEED to replenish the water you will lose by sweating AND breathing faster.

It’s a good idea to drink water before, during and after physical activity.

How much water Do you need to drink water when you’re sick?

So….How much water do you need to drink when you’re sick?

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You may lose your appetite and don’t want to do drink water when you’re sick….a FEVER can dehydrate you and you NEED fluids to help your immune system FIGHT viruses & bacteria, while eliminating enemy cells in your phlegm!

You may be vomiting or having diarreah! You can become quickly dehydrated if you’re vomiting or having diarreah. Even FASTER if you’re doing both!

When your body is in balance with water, your immune system can get rid of waste, dead viruses & bacteria more easily. Also, your cells are in a state of balance & can perform the funtions they were made to do.

Your kidneys will be happy, your liver will be happy ….. your Brain is CLEAR…sending out signals to ALL your cells as needed to keep you in optimal health.

So drink around 64 ounces of water a day. That’s right at least a GALLON of water a day!

If you weigh over 200lbs. drink HALF your weight in water.

So….if you weigh 200lbs. drink 100 oz of water a day.

How can you measure how much water you drink?

Use a clean glass each day, measuring how much water fills the glass. If you’re drinking from a 12 oz glass, you know you need to drink at least 5 glasses a day to reach 60 oz.

You can also use a 24 oz BPA Free bottle. I drink 4 bottles of water a day in my water bottle, which means I’m drinking 96 oz of water a day.

That makes it easier for me to keep track.

If you can’t stand drinking “Plain water,” the easiest thing to do is “squeeze” in some fresh lemon. You could cut up some berries & add them to your water too! You could even have fresh brewed cold ice tea!

Here’s a quick tip!

When you drink an ice cold glass of water after sweating, you force your body to BURN calories in order to bring down the temperature of the water!

So……when you drink at least 64 oz of water a day….or more…..if you’re sweating alot….or when you’re sick….you will keep your body balanced……

Your immune system will work more efficiently….You will have more clarity….your kidneys will produce “clear” colored urine….which means your kidneys are “Happy” You’ll POOP easier and your eyes & skin won’t be as dry.

A Happy Body means you can lose weight more efficiently!

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