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Weight Loss Nation offers everything you need to achieve your wellness goals.


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To Live a Long-Term Healthy Lifestyle

  • Coaching from our mentors to guide you toward your personal wellness goals
  • 24/7 support to keep you motivated and on track
  • Recipes and meal plans that make healthy eating easy and delicious
  • Fitness videos and instructors to guide you in the exercise program you choose
  • Mindset training teaches you to stay focused and conquer emotional obstacles
  • Accountability partners to cheer you on and help you stick to your plan
  • Flexibility – select the components you need for a personal program tailored just for you

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24/7 Support

No matter the program, it works only if you can stick to it. Support is the key that keeps you going, and we have a ton of it!

  • Live Q&A with expert mentors
  • Daily meetings, each meeting led by one of our mentors
  • Private support forum
  • Accountability partners
  • Daily motivational text messages
  • On-demand podcasts
  • 24/7 e-mail support
  • 24/7 hotline


Our bodies were designed to move.

In our program we present a variety of movement modalities to introduce you to different types of exercise. We want to help you enjoy movement and exercise so that you will find something you can stick with!

  • Experienced fitness coaches
  • Exercise videos
  • Support and encouragement to keep you moving

Real food

Food that is easy, not complicated.

We were made to eat real, natural food prepared at home, not in a factory. You will learn practical ways to nourish your body with food you will enjoy.

  • Simple, delicious recipes that busy people can make
  • Clear instructions that make it easy even if you “can’t cook”
  • No powders, pills or pre-packaged foods to buy

Mindset Training

The habits we have developed over a lifetime are strongly ingrained and are tightly tied to our emotions. This makes them hard to alter.

Changing how we think (mindset) is crucial if we are to change our behaviour. Our coaches will help you conquer any faulty thinking or emotional obstacles that are holding you back.

  • Coaches who specialize in addressing underlying emotional issues.
  • Training in habit development
  • Ample support and encouragement


Weight Loss Nation teaches you the practices that lead to weight loss, fitness, and the abundant energy that naturally follows.

We teach you not just what to do, but why it works. We have found that understanding why can boost your motivation to make these practices a permanent part of your lifestyle.

  • Live Q&A with expert mentors
  • Weekly meetings
  • On-demand podcasts
  • Regular blog posts


Your wellness needs are unique. Do you want to focus on exercise, diet, or both? Do you prefer running or pilates? We let you select the components that fit your needs, so that the program is tailored just for you.

  • Flexible eating program
  • Instruction in multiple movement modalities to help you find exercise that you enjoy
  • Several coaches with a variety of fields of expertise
  • Lots of different types of support, so there is something that will work for you

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