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It’s mentor Friday! Today, we are talking to Barb Hennessy and she is a Somatic Intuitive Trainer. She can help you with so many things, including weight loss.


Somatic Intuitive Training is a form of stress management and emotional trauma recovery. Resentment, anger, fear, and guilt are the somatic piece and the intuitive piece is the belief that you can overcome anything and you can tap into your higher self and move into a more positive place. The training part is the process of interaction where the focus is on your heart and not your head. The process of making a shift is an internal process, so there is not a lot of discussion about your issues.


It takes on average 10 sessions to work through the process, and it is a form of mindfulness and guided meditation to bring you into the moment. Guided imagery is attached to the meditation, and an assessment is made to discover where you are holding that pain in your body.


The environment is set up to be calm and peaceful. There’s no judgment or shame. It’s just about you being comfortable enough to become a better person.


Shifting to a healthier lifestyle affects you because food is so much a part of our lives. Our psyche needs to be re-programmed to deal with food in a healthy way. Many foods benefit us in an emotional way, but don’t serve us nutritionally.


Somatic Intuitive training allows you to realize you can be in charge and you can make good choices when it comes to food and every other aspect of your life.

It’s a wonderful first step for people who want to have a healthy relationship with food.


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