Skinny Without Willpower With Yogesh Verma

Skinny Without Willpower With Yogesh Verma

Skinny without willpower? Is that possible?

Despite trying every diet program on the market, many people still cannot maintain a healthy weight. So many myths are prevalent in the weight loss industry. Eating less food doesn’t always mean that you will lose more weight. Fitness therapist, Yogesh Verma,  has tips to share that may be counter-intuitive to common advice. Yogesh has his own health journey and obstacles he had to overcome. He now maintains a healthy body weight effortlessly. His new book, Skinny Without Willpower is available on, and the book explains why many weight loss programs fail in the long term.


Yogesh Verma had a great interest in being healthy, beginning in his teens. Growing up in the 70s and 80s during the peak of the low-fat diet era, he was strongly influenced by its supported merits. He was mostly a vegetarian during that time, with occasional meat meals here and there.


He considered himself pretty healthy and thought he was disease-proof until he turned 26. Yogesh’s medical reports showed high cholesterol, high triglycerides, and a high fasting sugar level. The doctor prescribed statins and the low-fat diet he was already on!

That’s when Yogesh decided it was time to change things. But change to what? He was already doing everything by the book and yet there he was at the crossroads facing heart disease, diabetes, and everything else that came with them. He had no clue what he was supposed to do. He was baffled!


He continued with an even stricter version of the “healthy low-fat diet” in order to reverse his condition. He started exercising avidly, but the weight kept piling on. Four years later, and over forty pounds heavier, his health got worse.


After the birth of his first child, he decided that whatever he was doing wasn’t working. It was time for a paradigm shift!


Yogesh decided to do his own research. He devoured scientific literature hoping to find the answer. In doing so, he not only discovered that he had been doing it all wrong all these years, but also the very foundation of the prescribed “low-fat healthy diet” was built on shaky grounds. He found that the science behind the low-fat diet was sparse to non-existent, and that this so-called “healthy diet” was causing more widespread harm than good.


He made drastic changes to his diet and his health improved. Soon afterward, he started blogging at about healthy eating and exercising. Later on, at the urging of close friends, he started writing this book. He published several articles on nutrition for disease prevention in local magazines and periodicals such as Siliconeer, Khabar, and India West. He was also a featured health expert on local Bay Area radio talk shows on KLOK 1170 AM. He now hosts free seminars at public libraries and local meetup groups about healthy nutrition for weight loss and chronic disease prevention.


In 2015, he founded Axiom Nutrifit, Inc., a wellness company providing weight loss and wellness solutions to individual and corporate clients. He works with clients all over the world and helps them achieve a higher state of wellness through nutrition and lifestyle counseling.


In his day job, Yogesh is a physicist working on cutting edge fuel cell technology and other renewable energy sources. In previous positions, he has contributed to the development and fabrication of world class ultra-precision fusion optics used in the National Ignition Facility at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and X-Ray Synchrotron grating mirrors for the National Synchrotron Light Source at the Brookhaven National Laboratory. He has worked on many other high technology areas relating to semiconductors, photovoltaics, and high energy physics. He has published several technical papers in conferences and symposiums related to his work as a physicist.


You can connect with Yogesh and find the book on his website:


Skinny Without Willpower


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