Mentor Judy Plant Shares Her Love For People and Noshing

Mentor Judy Plant Shares Her Love For People and Noshing

In today’s episode, we introduce you to Weight Loss Nation Mentor, Judy Plant.

Judy has spent her entire life in customer service and now she coaches businesses on how they can deliver great customer service that starts with the way the business owners treat their staff. Judy’s  website is

Judy also has her own personal food story. Just isn’t very tall, and she has struggled most of her life with weight. She ballooned to 190 pounds, and knew she had to do something. Judy tried many diets, with no success.  Judy met others in her life, who ate smaller meals frequently throughout the day.  Judy learned the skill of noshing.  By watching the types of food she was eating and adopting the philosophy of eating 5-6 small meals each day, she was able to lose weight and get down to around 120 pounds.

Later, after getting married and having children, she found her weight creeping back up. She ended up around 170 again and she was so mad at herself for gaining back weight. Judy decided she would fix her weight problem once and for all.

Judy doesn’t believe in scales and she doesn’t believe in diets. She lets her clothes be her guide. When she feels her clothes getting snug, she starts eating healthier and cuts out the bread. She makes adjustments to her diet, until she is at the weight that feels comfortable to her.

Judy loves people and can’t wait to help encourage others in the Weight Loss Nation!

You can read more about Judy, and all the other mentors on the website at:

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