Member Spotlight – Anna Clark

Member Spotlight – Anna Clark

Anna has been on Weight Loss Nation for about 7 weeks now. She is feeling great, has more energy than she has in years. She’s learning to make a healthy lifestyle change that will stick with her.

Anna lives in Tampa, FL and is a style consultant with Magnolia and Vine.

In this episode Anna also discusses:


  • What’s different about Weight Loss Nation program, compared to others
  • Why Anna doesn’t feel restricted by the program
  • How reading labels has changed her shopping habits
  • Annas main crutch for the morning and why she was able to keep it in her program
  • How the incentive of a cruise is motivating Anna
  • How she’s been able to eat clean, and shop clean
  • What Anna does for a living
  • Anna’s strategy for the last month of the program to win the cruise


If you love jewelry, You can find a great selection on Anna’s business website:



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