Member Spotlight – Allison Millwood

Member Spotlight – Allison Millwood

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Today’s guest is Allison Millwood. Allison joined weight loss nation so that she could lose weight and feel better. With only 3 weeks left in the 90 day challenge, Allison shares her successes and frustrations with her weight loss journey. It’s never easy creating new habits and breaking old bad habits, but the worst is over and Allison is now seeing great results.

The grand prize for the 90 day challenge is a FREE 7 day Carnival Cruise, and since Allison has never been on a cruise before, she is focused on the prize!

Cruise brokers has a special hotline for Weight Loss Nation members to get the lowest prices when they book their next cruise. You can call them at:



Allison also gave a shout out to the Square Grouper Restaurant on Cudjoe Key, FL. If you are ever down in the Lower Florida Keys, stop by for a fresh, healthy and delicious meal.


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