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It’s our last Mentor Friday of Season One!  So today, we have the fabulous JJ Flizanes on the show!

So here we are, creeping up to the final days of the 90 Day Challenge next week!

Being fit doesn’t have to include torture nation!

I personally haven’t struggled with sweets anymore, so that is a good thing. I am still having carb cravings, so I made a gluten free pizza.  J.J. recommends Chebe brand gluten free pizza crust and that is a great option. You can go to JJ’s show www.fit2love.tv and check out her Tasty Tuesday’s to see the recipes.


“Eating for health means learning to love the foods that are good for your body.”


Your taste buds and you cravings will change some when you begin changing your eating habits. So, when you make food choices that make your body feel good instead of feeling bad, then you have a deeper relationship with food, rather than just what’s going on in your mouth.


The foods that we crave the most, are foods our bodies have the hardest time breaking down.


A probiotic can help you digest things more easily when you eat things that challenge your body’s ability to break it down, but it won’t truly begin to heal until you stop eating the hard to digest foods.

*When you are getting blood work done, you definitely want to get your Vitamin D level!

We have 3 contestants left in the challenge – Allison, Christy and Anna. So next Friday, we will crown a winner of the 7 Day Carnival Cruise from any port in the US.


Listen to the episode to hear what JJ says about the contestants!


A healthy lifestyle means a healthy relationship with yourself – your inner being. It’s not about counting calories and meeting a certain weight number.


JJ also discusses:


  • Why just counting calories and exercise isn’t the answer to weight loss
  • The way that she goes about getting to the reason we are “eating our feelings”
  • Why you have to be willing to be vulnerable and put some effort into your “innerself.”
  • Why JJ doesn’t ask contestants how much weight they have lost
  • How lasting weight loss can be achieved
  • The common issues JJ sees with the contestants
  • How feeling unworthy is at the root of anxiety
  • Why finding your love language is critical to healing



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