It’s Mentor Friday! Today’s guest is Lorena Saavedra-Smith from Hanaq Prana Yoga Studio in Tampa, FL.


Like me, many of you may not be familiar with the practice of Yoga. Lorena is here today to introduce us to the practice and how it can help you live a healthy life.


Lorena is the owner of Hanaq Prana Yoga in Tampa, FL. Hanaq Prana is a combination of Spanish and Sanskrit words and means literally, “The Creator Loves to Create Life”.


It’s hard to be healthy in all aspects of your mind, body, and soul. Sometimes our spirit may be in the right place, but our mind and body are messed up. I’m hearing more about yoga and how it combines the remedy for each of these areas.


  • Yoga is a practice that is more than 5000 years old. It originally came from the Sanskrit and the word Yoga mean “Union” in Sanskrit. Most yoga that is practiced in the US is Asana Yoga, which is a physical exercise. However, a true Yogi can practice yoga in more than just a physical way, it becomes a lifestyle that encompasses the mental, physical and spirit.


  • Physical yoga can tone and firm your body. It can help you stretch parts of your body that are out of alignment. Once you make yoga a regular practice, you really begin to feel good in your body. Once you feel the physical changes, then you can open your mind to mental changes too.


  • Yoga is a total practice of physical and mental focus. It allows you to completely embrace living in the moment.


Are you too intimidated to try Yoga?


Many of us who are struggling with our weight and health feel very intimidated to even begin yoga. We may not be able to do all of the moves, and we don’t want to be made fun of or laughed at. Yoga allows you to embrace self-acceptance, and people in a yoga class are only focused on what is happening on their own mat. 


The Yoga community is a diverse community and we work on integrating our community. Remember, yoga means “union”.



What to wear to yoga?


  • You can wear anything to do yoga.
  • Wear comfortable, non-binding clothing
  • It’s a non-judgmental environment, so come as you feel comfortable



Is Meditation a part of Yoga?

  • Meditation can change how you change stress and turmoil in your life
  • Meditation is educating our brain so that we can become comfortable with our own thought patterns
  • It can improve our brain patterns in a very scientific way



Yoga really works. Yoga is a process and you deserve to have a chance to get in touch with your body, feelings, and emotions through yoga. – Lorena Saavedra-Smith


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