An Introduction to Meditation with Sarajoy Marsh

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Welcome Weight Loss Nation! Today we have a special segment for you today. Sarahjoy Marsh, an ERYT-500 yoga teacher, therapist, author and one of Weight Loss Nation’s mentors, has developed an introduction to meditation for you! Meditation is a state of deep peace that occurs when the mind is calm and silent. You will train the [...]

Yoga is Helping the Prisoner Population

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Sarahjoy Marsh, MA, E-RYT 500, certified yoga teacher, yoga therapist, and author, is a vibrant, compassionate catalyst for transformation. Clear-hearted and sensitive toward those that suffer from addictions – in particular disordered eating patterns and body image issues, and for those living with anxiety, depression, and trauma, Sarahjoy ignites a person’s confidence in themselves as [...]

I Embraced the Practice of Yoga and I Am Truly Enjoying it.

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It’s Mentor Friday! Today’s guest is Lorena Saavedra-Smith from Hanaq Prana Yoga Studio in Tampa, FL.   Like me, many of you may not be familiar with the practice of Yoga. Lorena is here today to introduce us to the practice and how it can help you live a healthy life.   Lorena is the [...]