Can Medical Marijuana Help With Back Pain and Weight Loss?

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Hey Weight Loss Nation! Weight Loss Nation The topic of Medical Marijuana is BOOMING! I had to bring back Dr. Rachna Patel to update us on what's going on in the Medical Marijuana Community. Currently, there are 9 States, plus the District of Columbia (DC), that have "Legalized" the "Recreational" use [...]

5 Ways to Stay on Your Meal Plan While Traveling

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Welcome Weight Loss Nation! It’s summer and the travel season officially begins. Sometimes staying healthy when you are traveling is tough. So today, we have 2 guests who will tell us exactly how to stay as healthy as possible, even when you travel.   Nicholas and Amanda Bayerle are health coaches and they are here [...]

Mentor Judy Plant Shares Her Love For People and Noshing

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In today's episode, we introduce you to Weight Loss Nation Mentor, Judy Plant. Judy has spent her entire life in customer service and now she coaches businesses on how they can deliver great customer service that starts with the way the business owners treat their staff. Judy's  website is www.goodcustomerservice.us. Judy also has her own [...]