Restaurant Tips For Vacation and Travel

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Welcome Weight Loss Nation! Today’s episode is a follow up after last week’s episode with Nicholas and Amanda Bayerle.  We are in full swing with summer vacations, so that means you will have plenty of chances to completely get off track with your meals while traveling. So today, I wanted to give you some tips for [...]

Are You Physically Challenged? Try An Adaptive Fitness Trainer

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Jim Jensen is an Adaptive Fitness Trainer. If someone has special challenges with exercising, they may need an adaptive fitness trainer. He works a little more closely with the medical professionals than the typical fitness trainer.   An adaptive fitness trainer takes special course work to receive their certification, and Jim actually went on to get a [...]

Snacks Under 60 Calories!

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Welcome, Weight Loss Nation! This week marks the 4th week since I started The Weight Loss Nation. I have been absolutely laser focused and making good choices. I have not fallen off the wagon once since I started. I am committed to making healthy choices and changing all of the bad habits I had gotten [...]

Get Rid of That Stress!

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Welcome Weight Loss Nation! Barbara Hennessy is a rehabilitation counselor, specializing in hearing impaired clients. Barb started studying audiology and speech pathology in college. She decided to work with the hearing impaired, and that led her to vocational rehabilitation. Her practice today consists of Somatic Intuitive Training, so we’ll talk about what that entails in this [...]

Skinny Without Willpower With Yogesh Verma

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Skinny without willpower? Is that possible? Despite trying every diet program on the market, many people still cannot maintain a healthy weight. So many myths are prevalent in the weight loss industry. Eating less food doesn’t always mean that you will lose more weight. Fitness therapist, Yogesh Verma,  has tips to share that may be [...]

Mindful Eating is a Good Habit to Have

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Today's guest is Bruce Langford, creator of the Mindfulness Mode Podcast. Bruce addresses the most important aspect of our weight loss - Mindful eating! By being mindful and living in the moment, you can really take the time to change your relationship with food. Bruce shares 5 Mindful Eating Strategies with us today. Each one [...]

Meet JJ Flizanes: Weight Loss Coach For Weight Loss Nation

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We are so excited to meet one of our amazing mentors for Weight Loss Nation, JJ Flizanes! JJ Flizanes is an Empowerment Strategist and Host of The Fit 2 Love Podcast Show. She is the Director of Invisible Fitness, an Amazon best-selling author of Fit 2 Love: How to Get Physically, Emotionally, and Spiritually Fit to Attract the Love of Your Life, and [...]

Welcome To Weight Loss Nation!

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Struggling with excess weight for much of her life, host Diane Daniels talks about the reasons for starting Weight Loss Nation, and what she hopes to accomplish in her life. Diane talks about her mental and emotional barriers to maintaining a healthy weight. She also shares what she hopes to accomplish in the lives of [...]