Being Fit Doesn’t Have To Include Torture

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Welcome Weight Loss Nation! It’s our last Mentor Friday of Season One!  So today, we have the fabulous JJ Flizanes on the show! So here we are, creeping up to the final days of the 90 Day Challenge next week! Being fit doesn't have to include torture nation! I personally haven’t struggled with sweets anymore, so that is a [...]

Member Spotlight – Allison Millwood

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Welcome Weight Loss Nation! Today's guest is Allison Millwood. Allison joined weight loss nation so that she could lose weight and feel better. With only 3 weeks left in the 90 day challenge, Allison shares her successes and frustrations with her weight loss journey. It's never easy creating new habits and breaking old bad habits, [...]

Somatic Intuitive Training Aids in Weight Loss

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Hello Weight Loss Nation! It’s mentor Friday! Today, we are talking to Barb Hennessy and she is a Somatic Intuitive Trainer. She can help you with so many things, including weight loss.   Somatic Intuitive Training is a form of stress management and emotional trauma recovery. Resentment, anger, fear, and guilt are the somatic piece [...]

Member Spotlight – Anna Clark

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Anna has been on Weight Loss Nation for about 7 weeks now. She is feeling great, has more energy than she has in years. She’s learning to make a healthy lifestyle change that will stick with her. Anna lives in Tampa, FL and is a style consultant with Magnolia and Vine. In this episode Anna also [...]

An Introduction to Meditation with Sarajoy Marsh

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Welcome Weight Loss Nation! Today we have a special segment for you today. Sarahjoy Marsh, an ERYT-500 yoga teacher, therapist, author and one of Weight Loss Nation’s mentors, has developed an introduction to meditation for you! Meditation is a state of deep peace that occurs when the mind is calm and silent. You will train the [...]

5 Ways to Stay on Your Meal Plan While Traveling

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Welcome Weight Loss Nation! It’s summer and the travel season officially begins. Sometimes staying healthy when you are traveling is tough. So today, we have 2 guests who will tell us exactly how to stay as healthy as possible, even when you travel.   Nicholas and Amanda Bayerle are health coaches and they are here [...]

Are You Physically Challenged? Try An Adaptive Fitness Trainer

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Jim Jensen is an Adaptive Fitness Trainer. If someone has special challenges with exercising, they may need an adaptive fitness trainer. He works a little more closely with the medical professionals than the typical fitness trainer.   An adaptive fitness trainer takes special course work to receive their certification, and Jim actually went on to get a [...]

7 Reasons a Plant-Based Diet is Good For You

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Weight Loss Nation - Meet Suzanna McGee! Suzanna McGee once held the title of Miss Natural Olympia, and she is now a performance enhancement coach and helps athletes achieve peak performance through a natural, plant based diet. She lives in Venice Beach, CA and is excited to share her story of switching to a plant-based diet. [...]

Yoga is Helping the Prisoner Population

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Sarahjoy Marsh, MA, E-RYT 500, certified yoga teacher, yoga therapist, and author, is a vibrant, compassionate catalyst for transformation. Clear-hearted and sensitive toward those that suffer from addictions – in particular disordered eating patterns and body image issues, and for those living with anxiety, depression, and trauma, Sarahjoy ignites a person’s confidence in themselves as [...]