Jonathan Oakes is a Trivia Superstar Who is Losing 200lbs to LIVE Healthy

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Who loves Trivia? I do! I actually even thought I was a pretty darn good trivia person......until.......I was a guest on TrivialWarfare.com I teamed up with my good friend and colleague Glenn Hebert - Host of Horse Radio Network, against Jonathan Oakes, the host of Trivial Warfare. Well......it was super harder than [...]

The First Challenger in the Weight Loss Challenge is Podcaster Dave Jackson

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The Weight Loss Nation "Podcaster" Challenge is off & running! So far.....we have "5" Challengers vying for the title of "The 2018 Podcaster Weight Loss Nation Challenge" April 30th is the deadline! If you are a Podcaster and want to lose weight and start living a healthy lifestyle, join the challenge! [...]

The Weight Loss Challenge is ON!

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Hey Weight Loss Nation! www.TheWeightLossNation.com I was a speaker and attendee at the Podfest Multimedia Expo this past February in Orlando, Florida. www.Podfestexpo.com/2019 On the last day of Podfest, we had a classic "roast" for one of podcasting's pioneers.....Dave Jackson! Dave Jackson hosts "The School of Podcasting," which is a fantastic [...]

Organic Fresh Meal Review

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It's Friday....and it is a Concoction Friday! On our last episode, (S3 Episode 13) I told you about the Diamond in the rough I found on Davis Island in Tampa, FL, called..... Tasty Roots! A grab n' go cafe, that offers organic, non-GMO, fresh pre-made meals daily. I bought three different [...]

Where Do I Go to Get Organic Fresh Made Meals?

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Hey Weight Loss Nation! It’s Tampa Bay Tuesday! That’s right! I have an awesome, Healthy place for you to check out if you live in the Tampa Bay area. Today…..I am reviewing “Tasty Roots” “Tasty Roots” is a small brick n mortar store, located on beautiful “Davis Island” in Tampa. Standing [...]

Being Fit Doesn’t Have To Include Torture

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Welcome Weight Loss Nation! It’s our last Mentor Friday of Season One!  So today, we have the fabulous JJ Flizanes on the show! So here we are, creeping up to the final days of the 90 Day Challenge next week! Being fit doesn't have to include torture nation! I personally haven’t struggled with sweets anymore, so that is a [...]

Member Spotlight – Allison Millwood

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Welcome Weight Loss Nation! Today's guest is Allison Millwood. Allison joined weight loss nation so that she could lose weight and feel better. With only 3 weeks left in the 90 day challenge, Allison shares her successes and frustrations with her weight loss journey. It's never easy creating new habits and breaking old bad habits, [...]

Somatic Intuitive Training Aids in Weight Loss

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Hello Weight Loss Nation! It’s mentor Friday! Today, we are talking to Barb Hennessy and she is a Somatic Intuitive Trainer. She can help you with so many things, including weight loss.   Somatic Intuitive Training is a form of stress management and emotional trauma recovery. Resentment, anger, fear, and guilt are the somatic piece [...]