How to Overcome Emotional Eating

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Hey Weight Loss Nation! How many of you experience "Emotional Eating?" I have experienced emotional eating for the majority of my life. I didn't understand that I was using food to deal with the emotions I was feeling. Today, I am speaking with Licensed Mental Health Counselor Ana Aluisy. Ana [...]

5 Minute Snack – “Take Out” Turkey Kabobs

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Hey Weight Loss Nation! It's a 5 Minute Snack Day and I have a great alternative to "Chicken." Today's Snack is called....... "Take Out" Turkey Kabobs! When you're ready to run out of the house & need to bring a lite lunch or Snack with you......This will suffice! Grab a [...]

Conquer Your Fears by Sky Diving

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Hey Weight Loss Nation! I have a GREAT FEAR of FLYING, Specifically...Being in SMALL PLANES! Fear of FLYING in Aircraft is called - AvioPhobia while the Fear of Flying on “Air” is called AeroPhobia. I have both! If you REALLY want to Lose Weight…..AND Keep it off FOREVER, You MUST [...]

5 Minute Snack Easy Peasy Chicken

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Hey Weight Loss Nation! It's a 5 Minute Snack Day! Today, I've got a Snack for when you're STARVING! You didn't have time to eat lunch, you worked all day long, kids drove you crazy and you just want to EAT! When I feel like that....I come home....pee....then head straight [...]

I Thought Oatmeal Was Good For You!

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Hey Weight Loss Nation! The Weight Loss Nation Why is it one week Eggs are "good for you".... and six months later....Eggs cause high cholesterol! One day coffee gives you heart disease and a year later, coffee is good for you! How do we know what foods are actually good [...]

Watermelon Can Destroy Cancer Cells

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Hey Weight Loss Nation! The Weight Loss Nation Thanks to our Sponsor Office Evolution Tampa Florida The Alternative to "Home Offices" Aren't you tired of driving to see clients? What about all those "Distractions" at home? Social Media.....TV....Pets....Kids.....Spouses! Bring your Clients to a Professional, Affordable Office! office evolution tampa offers Month-to-Month or [...]

5 Minute Snacks

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Hey Weight Loss Nation! You asked for it.....info on snacks....and I'm giving it to you! I'm adding 5 Minute Snacks to help you Snack Healthier! Today, I'm talking about one of my favorite snacks...... Hummus....specifically Sabra Roasted Red Pepper Hummus is my favorite! Here's the info on Sabra Roasted Red Pepper [...]

Cliff Ravenscraft Breaks Through His Own Weight Loss Plateau Using Mindfulness

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Hey Weight Loss Nation! www.TheWeightLossNation.com Today, we will be focusing on "Mindfulness" - the Third Part of Weight Loss Nation's path to Living a Long-Term Healthy Lifestyle. I'm speaking with Cliff Ravenscraft, host of the "Podcast Answer Man," and the "Cliff Ravenscraft Show." Cliff has lived his life with "weight issues." [...]

Jonathan Oakes is a Trivia Superstar Who is Losing 200lbs to LIVE Healthy

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Who loves Trivia? I do! I actually even thought I was a pretty darn good trivia person......until.......I was a guest on TrivialWarfare.com I teamed up with my good friend and colleague Glenn Hebert - Host of Horse Radio Network, against Jonathan Oakes, the host of Trivial Warfare. Well......it was super harder than [...]

The First Challenger in the Weight Loss Challenge is Podcaster Dave Jackson

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The Weight Loss Nation "Podcaster" Challenge is off & running! So far.....we have "5" Challengers vying for the title of "The 2018 Podcaster Weight Loss Nation Challenge" April 30th is the deadline! If you are a Podcaster and want to lose weight and start living a healthy lifestyle, join the challenge! [...]