Concoction Friday Recipe

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Today is Concoction Friday Nation! I have found a recipe on the internet for you......that I'm hoping you'll like....It is called "Blueberry Glazed Salmon" I didn't think it sounded good either when I first read was easy, quick to make tasted Good! Give it a try.....I think you'll be [...]

Tampa Bay Tuesdays in Orlando at Coopers Hawk Winery Restaurant

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While at Podfest Multimedia Expo, I had the opportunity to spend time with friends and fellow podcasters for dinner each night. Friday night, the gang selected Cooper’s Hawk Winery Restaurant…..which is located at 8008 International Drive, Orlando. When we walked in ……the place was buzzing! The décor was pleasant to the [...]

Are Blueberries REALLY That Good For You?

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I am not a Doctor….nor am I a nutritionist or dietician. In fact, I have no degree in health whatsoever. I research fruits, vegetables, and grains online…..just like anyone would do.  Therefore…..the information I am providing you is INFORMATIONAL and for your entertainment only. If you have a medical condition or [...]

Peanut Butter is Sooooo Good For You

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Hey Weight Loss Nation! It’s Ground Hog Day! Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow this morning………. that means 6 more weeks of winter! It’s also Concoction Friday Nation! Today……I’m talking about how healthy Peanut Butter is! Become a member of Weight Loss Nation Tampa Bay today....for only $20.18 a month for [...]

7 Reasons a Plant-Based Diet is Good For You

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Weight Loss Nation - Meet Suzanna McGee! Suzanna McGee once held the title of Miss Natural Olympia, and she is now a performance enhancement coach and helps athletes achieve peak performance through a natural, plant based diet. She lives in Venice Beach, CA and is excited to share her story of switching to a plant-based diet. [...]

Spice Up Your Food For a Healthy Meal

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Annette Hottenstein resides in Baltimore, MD and is a Registered Dietician/Nutritionist and Sensory Scientist. She has a degree is Food Science, and has worked in the food industry for over fifteen years and is technically an expert taste tester! Annette works with the five senses - taste, smell, touch, sight, hearing - and mainly focuses on taste and smell. [...]