Emotional Eating

How Cherry Pie Is Helping Me Slay Emotional Eating!

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Hey Weight Loss Nation! Here we are in mid April! April Showers bring May flowers! I have a question for you.....How many of you would describe yourself as an "Emotional Eater?" I AM.....I have spent my WHOLE Life being an Emotional Eater! NO MORE!! I am on a MISSION to SLAY [...]

Feel Happiness Today without Food!

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Today...I'm going to be Happy!I'm going to be Happy...and...I'm going to FEEL Happiness...without EATING!I NEED to FEEL the Happiness fully...without food.I want you to be Happy today!Smile at a stranger today...I promise they will smile back...or...give you a second look! One or the other will happen.Go do something you enjoy doing!Go walking...go [...]