I’ll Help You SLAY Emotional Eating For Good!

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Hey Weight Loss Nation!Here we are in mid April! April Showers bring May flowers!I have a question for you.....How many of you would describe yourself as an "Emotional Eater?" I AM.....I have spent my WHOLE Life being an Emotional Eater!NO MORE!! I am on a MISSION to SLAY Emotional Eating in 90 [...]

Feel Happiness Today without Food!

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Today...I'm going to be Happy!I'm going to be Happy...and...I'm going to FEEL Happiness...without EATING!I NEED to FEEL the Happiness fully...without food.I want you to be Happy today!Smile at a stranger today...I promise they will smile back...or...give you a second look! One or the other will happen.Go do something you enjoy doing!Go walking...go [...]

Are You An Emotional Eater And An Over Eater?

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Hey Weight Loss Nation! www.TheWeightLossNation.com Here we are at the end of March....AND....I just had an AHA moment. A BIG one! So BIG...that it has caused a "Transitional Shift" on my Weight Loss Journey. I just realized after two years....(not kidding)....that I NEVER need a "Take-Out" box, when I go out [...]

Why YOUR New Year’s Resolution is Going to Fail!

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Happy 2019! It's a NEW Year! You have a clean slate! Leave any negativity you had behind you. Every New Year's Eve....Millions of people make New Year "RESONLUTIONS." All these people are ready to take on the world to.....Lose 100lbs.....Make a Million Dollars....take a trip "Around the World,"......and many, many other [...]

How to Overcome Emotional Eating

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Hey Weight Loss Nation! How many of you experience "Emotional Eating?" I have experienced emotional eating for the majority of my life. I didn't understand that I was using food to deal with the emotions I was feeling. Today, I am speaking with Licensed Mental Health Counselor Ana Aluisy. Ana [...]

Conquer Your Fears by Sky Diving

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Hey Weight Loss Nation! I have a GREAT FEAR of FLYING, Specifically...Being in SMALL PLANES! Fear of FLYING in Aircraft is called - AvioPhobia while the Fear of Flying on “Air” is called AeroPhobia. I have both! If you REALLY want to Lose Weight…..AND Keep it off FOREVER, You MUST [...]

Go to America’s Escape Game to Have a Focused and Positive Mindset

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Hey Weight Loss Nation! The Weight Loss Nation It's a Monday......and it's a MINDSET Monday! Mindset is an intrical part of Weight Loss Nation. To LIVE a Healthy Lifestyle, you have to have a focused, and Positive Mindset. We all use unique methods to help us stay calm and keep living [...]

Cliff Ravenscraft Breaks Through His Own Weight Loss Plateau Using Mindfulness

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Hey Weight Loss Nation! www.TheWeightLossNation.com Today, we will be focusing on "Mindfulness" - the Third Part of Weight Loss Nation's path to Living a Long-Term Healthy Lifestyle. I'm speaking with Cliff Ravenscraft, host of the "Podcast Answer Man," and the "Cliff Ravenscraft Show." Cliff has lived his life with "weight issues." [...]

Get Rid of Back Pain, Knee Pain and Start Moving Your Body Again

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Hey Weight Loss Nation! It's our very FIRST Tampa Bay Tuesday! If you suffer from pain....whether it's back pain, knee pain, plantar fasciitis.....or any other pain that prevents you from doing the activities you love to do......our guest this week is going to help you get rid of that pain for good! [...]

Somatic Intuitive Training Aids in Weight Loss

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Hello Weight Loss Nation! It’s mentor Friday! Today, we are talking to Barb Hennessy and she is a Somatic Intuitive Trainer. She can help you with so many things, including weight loss.   Somatic Intuitive Training is a form of stress management and emotional trauma recovery. Resentment, anger, fear, and guilt are the somatic piece [...]