Concoction Friday Recipe

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Today is Concoction Friday Nation! I have found a recipe on the internet for you......that I'm hoping you'll like....It is called "Blueberry Glazed Salmon" I didn't think it sounded good either when I first read was easy, quick to make tasted Good! Give it a try.....I think you'll be [...]

Are Blueberries REALLY That Good For You?

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I am not a Doctor….nor am I a nutritionist or dietician. In fact, I have no degree in health whatsoever. I research fruits, vegetables, and grains online…..just like anyone would do.  Therefore…..the information I am providing you is INFORMATIONAL and for your entertainment only. If you have a medical condition or [...]

Peanut Butter is Sooooo Good For You

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Hey Weight Loss Nation! It’s Ground Hog Day! Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow this morning………. that means 6 more weeks of winter! It’s also Concoction Friday Nation! Today……I’m talking about how healthy Peanut Butter is! Become a member of Weight Loss Nation Tampa Bay today....for only $20.18 a month for [...]