Hello Weight Loss Nation! It’s Tuesday and we are 3 weeks into our Weight Loss Challenge.

Time to catch everyone up on what’s going on!


  • We started with 6 contestants. One contestant is not committed at this time to make a commitment to “lifetime changes.” We are down to 5 contestants.
  • The remaining contestants are working hard
  • We are focused on making better food choices, increased water intake, and more movement
  • Everyone in the program is experiencing healthy amounts of weight
  • I have lost 8 pounds at this point
  • The program is all about eating whole, real foods. Foods that grow underground, on top of the ground and the animals that roam the land. Simple and real people!
  • Committing to a long-term healthy lifestyle
  • This is about making long term, healthy decisions for the rest of our lives
  • It’s not a program of pills, quick fixes, and deprivation
  • The winner of the competition wins a 7 days cruise for 2
  • There are tons of resources in the Weight Loss Nation program:
    • 24-hour support forum
    • Videos and recipes on the website
    • Email support
    • Accountability groups
    • Daily meetings
    • Daily Text Support Messages
    • There are 3 levels of support available on the website – check it out!

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