5 Minute Snacks – Banana Dark Chocolate Cookies

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Hey Weight Loss Nation! Today is a 5 Minute Snack Day! I have a very healthy snack for you! It's Banana, Dark Chocolate Cookies! That's Right! Another delicious, healthy snack. Let's make them! BANANA DARK CHOCOLATE COOKIES Should Make About 8 Cookies Ingredients 1/2 cup coconut flour, sifted.  I used Bob Red [...]

Sloppy Joe’s – A Key West Tradition

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Hey Weight Loss Nation! www.TheWeightLossNation.com I recently visited "Key West" with my Friends Christy Haussler & Allison Willwood of Team Podcast. Team Podcast They took me all over "The Keys."  I went to some great restaurants and did some great activities. I'll be telling you about them in upcoming episodes. [...]

5 Minute Snack – Sunflower Lentil Spread

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Hey Weight Loss Nation!Today is 5 Minute Snack Day!I have an Awesome, Healthy Snack for you!Today, I am making Sunflower Lentil Spread.Each serving is just 240 calories and the recipe will give you four servings. One each day for four days.Let's get to the recipe:Sunflower Lentil SpreadLentils are a good source [...]

Italian Cooking With Southern Charm Makes This Restaurant Shine

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Noble Crust Restaurant Review Hey Weight Loss Nation! Weight Loss NationIt’s Tuesday, and it’s a Tampa Bay Tuesday, and that means I have a Tampa Bay Area Restaurant Review for you!If you live in the Tampa Bay area……or…..you’re visiting Tampa Bay, you’ll want to check out this unique restaurant during your stay. Today…..I’m reviewing Noble Crust Restaurant, which has [...]

5 Minute Snack – Healthy & Delicious Popcorn

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Hey Weight Loss Nation! Weight Loss Nation It's time for a 5 Minute Snack! Today, I have an All-Time Favorite, when prepared this way, will make it Healthy, Tasty and a Filling Snack! Who doesn't LOVE Popcorn! Especially at the Movie Theatre. The problem with Movie Theater Popcorn, is that it's [...]

Can Medical Marijuana Help With Back Pain and Weight Loss?

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Hey Weight Loss Nation! Weight Loss Nation The topic of Medical Marijuana is BOOMING! I had to bring back Dr. Rachna Patel to update us on what's going on in the Medical Marijuana Community. Currently, there are 9 States, plus the District of Columbia (DC), that have "Legalized" the "Recreational" use [...]

5 Min Snack – Fill You Up Soup

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Black Eyed Peas Fill You UP Weight Loss Soup This fat-free vegan recipe will leave your mouth watering, with flavor and antioxidants, with protein-rich black-eyed peas (which are loaded with folic acid) add swagger to this easy slow-cooker dish. YOU'LL NEED 1 large onion, chopped 2 medium carrots diced or sliced [...]

Go to America’s Escape Game to Have a Focused and Positive Mindset

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Hey Weight Loss Nation! The Weight Loss Nation It's a Monday......and it's a MINDSET Monday! Mindset is an intrical part of Weight Loss Nation. To LIVE a Healthy Lifestyle, you have to have a focused, and Positive Mindset. We all use unique methods to help us stay calm and keep living [...]

5 Minute Snack for Chocoholics!

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Hey Weight Loss Nation! Weight Loss Nation Today is 5 Minute Snack Day! There are soooo many Chocoholics out there! You asked for it.....and I am delivering! I've got a healthy, "chocolate" snack for you today. Remember Nation......a "healthy" brownie is NOT going to taste like a "Duncan Hines" brownie or [...]

Get Fresh, Clean & Organic Produce at Your Local Co-Op

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Hey Weight Loss Nation! It's Tuesday, and it's a Tampa Bay Tuesday! I found an awesome "Co-Op" in Lutz, Florida, called "Cheyenne's Country Thangs." Lisa & Darrel Hunt own & operate "Cheyenne's Country Thangs." Lisa has been gardening since she was a little girl. "My knowledge of gardening was handed down [...]