Lose 5 lbs in 5 Days!

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I'm going to be talking about "pooping" and detoxing your intestine today. It's very important to "poop." Your body excretes excess waste, toxins, fats and bacteria from your body. I asked my Doctor how often should I be "pooping." She told me everybody poops differently. My doctor also told me the [...]

Hey Cowboy Show me Your Meat!

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Hey Weight Loss Nation! It’s Tampa Bay Tuesday, and today I’m Reviewing the Terra Gaucha Brazilian Steak House ……located at 1108 S. Dale Mabry Hwy (between W. Jetton Ave & W. Watrous Ave in South Tampa, FL They also have a 2nd Terra Gaucha location in Jacksonville, which is located at 4483 [...]

5 Minute Snack – Mini Caprese Sandwiches

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Hey Weight Loss Nation!Today is 5 Minute Snack Day!With Football Season in full swing, Baseball post-season coming, as well as Hockey, it's a Sports        FAN-atic Season!This 5 Minute Snack is going to be the HIT of the Party! I know it will. I got this idea from a Party [...]

You Can’t Exercise if You’re in Pain. Get Rid of The Pain Today!

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Hey Weight Loss Nation! How many of you suffer from Back Pain? Did you know 90% of Back Pain comes from Poor Posture? Today, I am speaking with our Pain specialist, AND Weight Loss Nation Mentor, Allison Hollister. Allison is a Licensed Massage Therapist, licensed in the State of Florida, [...]

5 Minute Snack – Give Me Some Fries With That Burger!

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Hey Weight Loss Nation! Weight Loss Nation It's 5 Minute Snack Day! Boy.....Do I have an AWESOME Snack for you today! I made Chipotle Sweet Potato Wedges with Lime, and they are Fantastic! It's Football Season, and ........it's getting close to the Post Season for Baseball. That means, I'll be [...]

How to Overcome Emotional Eating

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Hey Weight Loss Nation! How many of you experience "Emotional Eating?" I have experienced emotional eating for the majority of my life. I didn't understand that I was using food to deal with the emotions I was feeling. Today, I am speaking with Licensed Mental Health Counselor Ana Aluisy. Ana [...]

5 Minute Snack – “Take Out” Turkey Kabobs

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Hey Weight Loss Nation! It's a 5 Minute Snack Day and I have a great alternative to "Chicken." Today's Snack is called....... "Take Out" Turkey Kabobs! When you're ready to run out of the house & need to bring a lite lunch or Snack with you......This will suffice! Grab a [...]

Conquer Your Fears by Sky Diving

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Hey Weight Loss Nation! I have a GREAT FEAR of FLYING, Specifically...Being in SMALL PLANES! Fear of FLYING in Aircraft is called - AvioPhobia while the Fear of Flying on “Air” is called AeroPhobia. I have both! If you REALLY want to Lose Weight…..AND Keep it off FOREVER, You MUST [...]

5 Minute Snack Easy Peasy Chicken

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Hey Weight Loss Nation! It's a 5 Minute Snack Day! Today, I've got a Snack for when you're STARVING! You didn't have time to eat lunch, you worked all day long, kids drove you crazy and you just want to EAT! When I feel like that....I come home....pee....then head straight [...]