Weight Loss Nation Beagles and The History of Fast Food with Mike Dell 5/4/18
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Hey Weight Loss Nation!

Weight Loss Nation

The Podcast Weight Loss Challenge continues!

Today, I am interviewing our next Podcaster Challenger…..Mike Dell.

Mike Dell is the director of Customer Support at Blubrry Podcasting.

Mike also hosts not one…but…FOUR…Podcasts!

Mike Dell’s World

Fast Food History

Podcast Help Desk

Your Podcast by Blubrry

And Mike is also a Foster Daddy for Beagles!

I love that!

Mike supports the Mid West B.R.E.W. organization.

If you are a “Beagle” lover, here’s the website to give a Beagle a “Forever Home.”

Got Beagles

Mike is looking to lose 40-50 lbs and finally…..

LIVE a long-term Healthy Lifestyle!

We’ll check in on Mike’s progress throughout the year and see how he’s doing during the Challenge.

Best of luck Mike!

I’m rooting for you!

Looking to LIVE a Long-Term Healthy Lifestyle?

Check out Weight Loss Nation. Join me and let’s walk the journey together!